LIGHT - The lowest price. However, it does not allow for free baggage allowance and refunds.
STANDARD - low fare tariff, allows for changes to be made to the flight date. This option is available for a surcharge.  The surcharge is usually 50 euros.
FLEXIBLE - economy class fare, where refunds and exchanges are available for an additional surcharge. The surcharge is usually 50 euros per ticket.

BUSINESS - business class tariff, which includes a special meal, and upgraded seats on the aircraft. 
The tariff is fully refundable or exchangeable without any surcharges. Business class passengers are invited to visit our business lounges at the following airports: Vnukovo (Moscow), Shipholl (Amsterdam), Pulkovo (St.Petersburg), Ben Gurion (Tel Aviv).

All tariffs

All of our tariffs include:

  • transportation of hand luggage
  • baggage allowance
  • food and drinks on board
  • seat choice upon registration on the flight

For details, on the search flight tickets page, click on the tariff name. To obtain details about the tariff rules - click on the FARE CONDITIONS link under the flight ticket price.