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Choose the tariff you need
Now you can choose the tariff that you need. We have made 4 different tariffs: LIGHT, STANDARD, FLEXIBLE and BUSINESS. Pay only for the options you need!
Compare tariffs
Use compare tarifss table for choose the tariff, that fully fit to your needs. Click on the name of the tariff for get details.
Private office
Are you frequent flier? We have made the private area, where you can store all the passengers details. You can use them on booking step - just select from list passenger and go to payment.
Manage your orders
All your order now in private area on the web site. Open any time, print your itinerary, check details, request changes. All info now here!
My passengers
Save details about your passengers and use them for book you flight.
Multilingual interface
Now you can choose interface language for search and book steps. We support Georgian, English and Russian. We will save you choice and show it next time.
Four currencies for pay
Now you can choose the currency for show prices and pay, we offer GEL, USD, EUR, RUB.
Secure payment
We redesigned payment step. Now it is secure and easy to use.
Pay later
Now you can make order and use pay later option, if you don't want to pay now. Check the defined time limit for your order to not late with payment. All the  order details we will send to your email.
Request refund directly from order
Now you can easily make refund directly from the order details page. Just open the order, click on Refund and define the details. Our support team will receive your request and reply. Please note, that selected tickets for refund will be cancelled automatically.
Send the flight tickets to the email you need
Open your order, click on the itinerary button and specify one or several email addresses. All data will be sent immediately.
Mobile friendly
Our flight tickets booking engine now mobile friendly! You can easily find ant buy flight tickets from your smart phone or tablet.