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Prohibition of discounts
From August 7, 2017, the airline - Georgian Airways introduces a ban on discounts for the sale of air tickets to Georgian Airways via Internet resources. AIRWAYS AUG-2017.pdf
 The cost of an air ticket with the beginning of transportation from the points of the Russian Federation, Georgia, Armenia, Ukraine, Israel, Czech Republic, Great Britain, France and other countries must fully comply with the published tariff and displayed in GDS.  

 It is not allowed to provide false information about the total cost of an air ticket on its own Internet resources, as well as partner resources (meta probes) and other services or advertisements.  

In order to avoid situations related to exchange rate differences when working in different booking systems, Georgian Airways strongly recommends that agents make an extra charge to the price of air tickets at least 2% of their cost, considering the need for a financial transaction when paying with bank cards or other methods of making payments.

 In case of violation of these requirements, the airline reserves the right to disconnect the agent who committed the violation (including in situations where the violation was committed by the subagent) from the sales resources of Georgian Airways.
ADM Policy
From 01 June 2017 airline - Georgian Airways have Introduced the new ADM rules for all the agents worldwide