Electronic tickets

An electronic ticket (E-Ticket)

An electronic ticket  (E-Ticket ) means the passenger ticket and baggage check (the itinerary receipt). The electronic ticket and associated coupons are stored in a separate electronic  database of Georgian Airways.

An electronic ticket contains the following information:

Airline name, the issuing office, date of issue, passenger name, airports of departure and arrival, time   of departure ( local time of departing country), fare and form of payment.

The ticket is good for carriage for one year from the date of  the flight, except as otherwise provided in the ticket, in carrier.s tariffs, conditions of carriage, or related regulations.

Benefits of E-Ticket


  • You cannot leave it somewhere or lose it;
  • You can buy it having an access to the internet only and save your time;
  • You can buy E-ticket for your friends living in different city. 
  Kindly be advised to apply www.mfa.gov.ge for visa regulations