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About City

Status: The second most populous city in Israel
Population: 410,000 (2013)
Language: Jewish
Currency: Shekel (ILS)
Time zone: +3 GMT
Web check in: in process

Additional info

Tel Aviv

   If you’re looking for a place to get away from rain and cold, Tel-Aviv is the place to be. Located on the sunny Mediterranean, with a population of 400,00, less than half that of Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv is the center of economic and cultural life in Israel.  Although founded only 100 years ago by Jewish settlers, it has become known as “the city that never sleeps” because of the vibrant nightclub and restaurant scene.

    Tel-Aviv is also known as “the white city” for the many Bauhaus inspired buildings from the 20’s and 30’s, but they share the city with modern high-rise buildings.  Visitors will want to visit the markets, juice stalls and beaches, as well as “Old Jaffa” for a taste of what life used to be like before rapid urbanization.


 Tel-Aviv throughout its years of existence is famous for its abundance of restaurants, various pubs and cafes. And it's no accident! It is in this city that restaurant business has the highest level of development in comparison with other countries of the world.

 When visiting any of the local establishments, be sure to try traditional Israeli dishes:

• Burekas;
• meuras by the Jerusalemites;
• falafel;
• hummus.

 The most popular dish in Tel Aviv is St. Peter's fish. It is grilled. For dessert you can taste baklava and nut cookies.