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About City

Status: Capital of Ukraine
Population: 2 679 653 (2007)
Language: Ukrainian
Currency: Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH)
Time zone: +2 GMT
Web check in: Yes

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 Kiev is the cultural center of Ukraine, which has urban landscapes and original green landscapes. This city attracts tourists with its magnificent nature and a lot of evidence of antiquity. Visit these unusual places, using the services of our airline "Georgian airways". Buy air tickets to this city on our website at the most competitive prices.

Climate and nature

Kiev is endowed with a temperate continental climate. In winter, these places are not too cold and the air temperature on average reaches -1.5 ° C. But the summer is quite hot and dry weather. The greatest amount of precipitation falls in the summer months. If you are planning to visit this city, then it is best to book air tickets for the month of May.
The capital of Ukraine is rich in rivers and streams. In these places there are such rivers as the Dnieper, Nivka, Glybochitsa. The main highlight of the local landscape is the notorious hills. According to the people of Kiev, their number is seven. However, in reality there are twice as many, and not the hills, but the gaps between the yars.

City sights

There are a lot of different notes in Kiev. Particular attention when visiting the Ukrainian capital should be given to the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra and St. Sophia Cathedral.
The real symbols of Kiev and very popular places among tourists are Khreshchatyk Street and Andreevsky Descent. Traveling around this city, be sure to check Richard's Castle Lionheart. Also appreciate the greatness of the extraordinary Golden Gate. In advance, you can buy tickets to the charming capital of Ukraine on the website of our airline.


The restaurant arsenal in Kiev includes cuisine from around the world. However, there are also such establishments, where purely traditional Ukrainian dishes predominate. In this city, travelers can taste:

1. National Ukrainian borsch
2. The cabbage
3. Solyanka
4. The cutlet in Kiev
5. Stuffed peppers and more.

 You can taste national cuisine in such establishments as "Vulik" or "Pervak".

In most cafes and restaurants in Kiev, the average check will cost $ 10-25. If we talk about small eateries, then here you can fill yourself up to $ 8. Of course, in the capital of Ukraine there are expensive restaurants "Mario" or "Hat". In such establishments the cost of lunch will start from $ 30 per person. Try all the traditional dishes of the capital in person, you can book tickets in our airline "Georgian airways".


For visitors in Kiev, there is a large number of hotels and hotels for every taste and level of prosperity. For example, in the center of the city there are excellent and inexpensive hotels "Ukraine" and "Golden Gate Inn". Rooms in them will cost from $ 47 to $ 95 per day.
For fans of a quiet atmosphere, the Opera Hotel will be an excellent choice. Here, accommodation will cost up to $ 170 per day. There are more expensive apartments. For example, a night in the elite hotel complexes "Intercontinental Kiev" or "Fairmont" will cost $ 324-400.
The most advantageous option will be renting an apartment from local citizens. The cost of such housing varies from $ 25 to $ 115 per day.
To visit the capital of Ukraine and enjoy all its charms will help our airline, in which you can buy air tickets at the most affordable prices.