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Status: Capital of Belgium
Population:  148 873 (2008)
language: French
Currency: EURO
Time zone: + 2 GMT
Web checkin: not available

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Flight start date 25 march 2018. Check flight schedule here

Brussels is the capital of Belgium, as well as one of its historical and cultural centers. Here, English is widespread everywhere, full of inexpensive cafes and chic restaurants, and the convenient location of Brussels, allows for an hour to get to Paris, two - to Amsterdam and Cologne.

Beginning acquaintance with the Belgian capital is from the historical center. Previously, this "pentagon" was enclosed by a high fortress wall, now only the gate of Halleport left it. The heart of the city is the Grand Place. It is surrounded by a magnificent architectural ensemble - the Gothic Town Hall with a high spire, the King's House, the House of the Painter, the Tailor's House and other buildings.

The center of Brussels is divided into the Lower and Upper City. The first is the ancient quarter of Marol, which used to belong to artisans and traders, as well as the famous symbol of the capital - the fountain "Manneken Pis." One of the most interesting buildings from an architectural point of view is the Palace of Justice. Also worth paying attention to the church of St. Catherine and St. John the Baptist, the medieval Black Tower (a fragment of the fortress wall) and the Exchange building.

When you arrive, pay a visit to the Brussels Card. It includes a free visit to 39 museums in the city, including the Royal Museum, the Palace of Kudenberg, the Planetarium and others. To see temporary exhibitions at the Royal Museum of Fine Arts and the Museum of the fiftieth anniversary, you will have to pay a standard entrance fee, and at the Museum of Natural Sciences - to pay 5,50 EUR. Also on the guest card you can get discounts at restaurants and shops.

In Brussels, you should try the local cuisine. The menu often contains scallops, shrimps and fish. Of the garnishes, Brussels sprouts are in demand, and local residents prefer asparagus and parsnip.

In any cafe you will be offered dishes of pork and beef, be sure to try the Flemish carb, stewed in dark beer. Do not forget about the desserts - Belgian chocolate is famous all over the world. Sweet-toothers will also enjoy Brussels waffles with cream and ginger biscuits.