Flights From Tbilisi to Berlin

About City

Status: capital of Germany
Population: 3 469 849 (2014)
Language: Deutch
Currency: EURO
Time zone: +2 GMT
Web checkin: not available

Additional info

Flight start date 26 march 2018.

Berlin is the second largest city in Europe after London, and the capital of Germany with 3.7 million people. Long one of the cultural centers of central Europe, Berlin emerged from World War II and the Cold War as the center of the German economic powerhouse.

       Berlin is a city of superlatives.  The Berlin Zoo is the most visited in Europe. The Botanic Garden and Berlin’s largest park, the Tiergarten are islands of greenery in the vast city. Berlin has more KM of subways than either London or Paris,and has more bridges than Venice. Berlin has 180 museums and Museum Island has a handy cluster of them.