Flights From Tbilisi to Barcelona

About City

Status: the capital of Catalonia (Spain)
Population: 1 608 680 (2016)
Language: Spanish, Catalan
Currency: EURO
Time zone: +2 GMT
Web check in: not available

Additional info

Flight start date 25 march 2018.

Barcelona is a city in Spain, the capital of the autonomous region of Catalonia and the province of the same name. The port on the Mediterranean Sea is 120 km from the border of France. The largest industrial and commercial center of Spain. One of the most important tourist destinations in European routes.

Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain in terms of population after Madrid and the tenth in the European Union.

Barcelona is located in the northeast of the Iberian Peninsula on the Mediterranean coast on a 5 km wide plateau whose borders from the south are the Collserola mountain range and the Llobregat River, and in the north the Besos River. The Pyrenees are located about 120 km north of the city.

The coastal mountains of Collserola create slightly rounded borders of the city. The highest point is Mount Tibidabo. Its height is 512 m, above it stands a noticeable distance from the tower-antenna Collserola, 288 m high. The highest point in the city is the Mant Taber hill, 12 m high, with the Cathedral of Barcelona on it.

The climate of Barcelona is Mediterranean, with mild dry winters and warm, humid summers. The coldest months are January and February (the average temperature is about +10 ° C), the hottest months are July and August (the average temperature is about +25 ° C). The greatest amount of precipitation falls in October (about 90 mm); the smallest - in July (about 20 mm).