PCR test
15 September 2020
Only those countries with which the principle of reciprocity applies, namely citizens of France, Germany, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and permanent residents, will have to provide an answer to a PCR test (not older than 72h) during a trip to Georgia. In the absence of a test, they will have to undergo a paid PCR test upon arrival at the airport in Georgia.
For citizens and residents of other 13 countries who are allowed to enter Georgia, as well as for citizens of the aforementioned 5 countries who do not travel directly or through these 5 countries, the current quarantine regime will be maintained while traveling in Georgia.
The mandatory quarantine period has been reduced from the existing 12 days to 8 days, so a person placed in quarantine will be checked on the 8th day, and in case of a negative answer, he will be released from quarantine on the 9th day and will have to repeat the test on 12 th day. The corresponding software will control this process).
PCR test

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