How should Georgian nationals abroad buy Georgian Airways tickets?
25 March 2020
According to the decision of the Coordination Council under the Prime Minister of Georgia, in order to ensure the return of Georgian citizens abroad, Georgian Airways will coordinate with the Georgian Government in various directions.

The Flights already operated:

March 23 - Tbilisi-Berlin-Batumi

March 24 - Athens-Tbilisi-Athens (operated by Aegean Airlines)

March 26 - Tbilisi-Vienna-Tbilisi

March 31 - Tbilisi-Amsterdam-Tbilisi

With these flights, 4000 Georgian citizens returned home.

As for the following directions, as of April 14, 2020, it is as follows:

April 3 - Tbilisi-Berlin-Tbilisi
April 3 - Tbilisi-Warsaw-Tbilisi (implemented by LOT Polish Airlines)

April 4 - Tbilisi-London-Tbilisi

April 7 - Tbilisi-Athens-Tbilisi

April 10 - Tbilisi-Larnaca-Tbilisi

April 12 - Tbilisi-Berlin-Tbilisi

April 14 - Tbilisi-Amsterdam-Tbilisi

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, tickets for each flight specified in the schedule above will be available step by step in order to effectively manage passenger flow and respond to the needs of citizens, and information will be released a few days before the flight.

“As for the nearest two flights, Vienna and Amsterdam, which will be performed - March 26 - Vienna and March 31 - Amsterdam. As it is already known, Georgian Airways planned a regular flight to Tbilisi-Vienna-Tbilisi on March 22, which was canceled due to regulations introduced in the country regarding the spread of coronavirus. As a result, Canceled passengers are still in Vienna, most of which have been provided by the Embassy of Georgia to the Republic of Austria with shelter and primary cookery products.

The situation is similar in Amsterdam, where as a result of the cancellation of flights planned by the company on March 21 and 23, dozens of Georgian citizens were left out and in this case the embassy was temporarily accommodated and provided.

It is imperative that these people who are temporarily housed in different locations be returned to their homeland. Unfortunately, their numbers are not small and both aircraft are actually full. For greater transparency and credibility, the company is ready to publish relevant supporting documentation.

As for subsequent flights to Warsaw (April 3), Athens (April 7) and Larnaca (April 10), tickets will be sold on a regular basis.

These flights will be carried out in accordance with the protocol established by the World Health Organization and will be arranged on a chessboard basis.

Each subsequent flight and ticket purchase information will be posted in advance on the websites of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, diplomatic missions of Georgia and Georgian Airways.

According to the decision of the Coordination Council under the Prime Minister of Georgia and the Prime Minister's instruction, the price of a passenger ticket of this category shall not exceed EUR 199 per class. This principle will be strictly controlled.

All passengers arriving in Georgia will be subject to a mandatory 14-day quarantine, ”Foreign Minister David Zalkanian said.
How should Georgian nationals abroad buy Georgian Airways tickets?

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