Givi Davitashvili
16 May 2017
The air company "Georgian Airways" embarks upon a new stage of development. The company plans to register a new Boeing 737-700 aircraft and 2 Embraer aircrafts. Givi Davitashvili, General Director of "Georgian Airways" has declared about it at a press conference.
I would like to share with you the good new news which has taken place recently in “Georgian Airways.” In particular, the air company plans to upgrade the air fleet during the new stage of development. In a few days we will register the new Boeing 737-700 aircraft, and we will also have 2 Embraer type aircrafts," - noted the General Director of "Georgian Airways".
Givi Davitashvili pointed out that the flights will be also modernized. In particular, direct flights from Tbilisi to London and to other destinations will be performed from the 20th of May.
"From the 20th of May, we are starting to operate direct flights from Tbilisi to London, the flights will be performed twice a week – on Monday and Saturday, and from 12 June we will be flying directly to Prague on every Monday and Saturday. We started direct flights to Kyiv on a daily basis at the end of April of the current year. Also, From June 2, we are adding flights twice a week to Kazan, and we are planning to operate flights to Paris on passengers’ request, which will be provided two times a week, "Davitashvili said.
Givi Davitashvili

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