COVID Voucher/Rebooking Information
11 May 2020
Due to current situation and impact on aviation industry and also our airline, we had to do some schedule changes. In case of any flight changes or cancellations, you must have received some information. Georgian Airways suggests its clients either to change to alternative dates or to request a voucher to be used till the end of 2021.
Please read below to find out more information:

Passengers who have bought their ticket with travel dates between 1st of March and 31st of June have rebooking option till the end of 2020:
Until the end of the year, Georgian Airways will waive rebooking fees and is offering a one-time free rebooking of all newly booked flights – regardless of the condition of the original fare booked. This regulation applies with immediate effect to tickets on the airlines network. One must apply till the end of this year to a rebook (without rebooking fees) for a new travel date that can be used anytime in 2021.

A subsequent rebooking will be charged. Change fees waived, but fare difference applies if rebooked in different cabin (for example from eco to business). If date change will be done, passenger will receive a confirmation mail with new itinerary.

If new travel dates are unknown, then passenger can receive a voucher in the value of the ticket. Voucher rules please see below:
Passengers whose flights have been cancelled or do not wish to travel due to COVID or do not know their travel dates yet:

Passengers whose flights have been cancelled or wish not to travel within the next weeks will be rebooked – if possible– or will receive a voucher in the amount of the purchased ticket by Georgian Airways offices. The re/new booking shall be done before 31st of Dec. 2020, but travel dates can be till the end of 2021. Passengers who have booked a connection with our codeshare partners in the affected period should check their status of the flight on the website/hotline of the related company. In case you want to change your travel date then you may also apply to us.

Voucher is eligible only on Georgian Airways or Aircompany Armenia network, only on its direct routes (OW or roundtrip). It is non refundable (nor exchanged for money). The Voucher is personal in the name of the initial booking and not transferrable. That means that it can be used in bookings of one passenger, under the name of the passenger that issued the initial ticket. If your initial booking included more than one passenger/tickets, then you must submit the Credit Voucher application for each separate passenger/ticket number, and you will receive separate vouchers, for each passenger that was included in the initial booking. The old ticket will be valid as a form of the voucher. Therefore keep it and present it once you wish to book your new travel. If you have booked your travel with an agency and wish to receive a voucher, please apply also to our offices.

In case you have paid the ticket with a credit card, then we will ask you separately to confirm us in a written form your consent of receiving the voucher for the cancelled or changed flight for the unused segments.
All requests will be handled individually/separately and our aim is to reply to you the latest, within the next 30 working days. In the unlike occasion though, that you do not hear from us within this period of time, please drop us a message to our contact offices and don’t forget to add the following title to your message: “Voucher Request” along with the ticket number and original request.

As soon as your Voucher request is processed successfully, you will receive a confirmation email with the exact redeemable amount that your Voucher(s) is/are valid. The Voucher you will receive will be of the same value as the ticket purchased, including the value for each additional service purchased, if any. Please note that specific services are excluded from Voucher’s total value.

Additional rebooking fees or other penalties (such as service fees, name change penalty etc), are excluded from Voucher’s total value. Name changes are allowed, however upon a request and with an additional payment of 50Eur.
The Voucher can be redeemed in more than one bookings/transactions. If the new booking is of lower value than the Voucher, then the difference will remain as a credit balance and the Voucher can be used in another booking. If the new booking is of higher value than the Voucher, then you will be required to pay the difference at the time of booking.
The Voucher must be redeemed in a booking with one passenger, under the name of the passenger that the Voucher was issued for. The only exemption is if in the same booking an adult and a child/infant are included, where in this case the Voucher for each child/infant will be incorporated to the Voucher of one of the adult passengers of the booking and will be sent to him/her. This Voucher can be redeemed for more than one passengers, as long as among the passengers is the adult passenger who initially got the Voucher. On all other cases, if you want to book tickets for more than one passenger, then you must proceed with separate bookings. If ticket belonged to a child and wants to be transferred to an adult, then fare difference will apply.

Refund Requests:
The company has been operating since beginning of February under unusual and extraordinary circumstances and has been trying to adapt to the fast daily changes day by day. Regulations and border/entry restrictions are changing fast and forcing us to take last minute changes in our flight schedule. Due to the high amount of requests we have been receiving before the closure of the Georgian airspace and after the company has been not able to proceed with any immediate refund requests. This process is on hold and will be reviewed individually one by one on a later stage. If none of the above mentioned options fit you, then you might apply to: claims @ . We recommend you take one of the above mentioned options, not ruin your travel plans and benefit till the end of the 2021!

Although not everything is in our hands, we try to minimize the impact of measures taken by regulative bodies on our flight schedules. We want you to book your next trip with minimum stress, so we guarantee you can change your booking at no or little extra cost!

Georgian Airways is also already working on its revival schedule plan for the summer/winter respecting all recommendations given to secure your safety and health during your next travel!
Together we will be able to fly soon again!

Who to contact for changes/vouchers: 

  1. Head Office: Rustaveli 12: +995 322 48 55 11,
  2. Airport Sales Offices & Callcenter: +995 322 11 12 20,
  3. Georgian Airways Online Purchased tickets:
  4. Georgian Airways Representative Offices all around the world, find contact details on our website, recommendable especially if you are outside of Georgia
  5. If ticket has been purchased through an agency, please contact also A9:
  6. Airzena Holiday: +995 322 50 50 05, +995 322 48 55 60
COVID Voucher/Rebooking Information

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