09 March 2022
Statement of Georgian Airways

In recent days, a completely unfounded agitation has been created in connection with Georgian Airways, to which a special briefing was dedicated by Mr. Nikanor Melia.
We would like to disappoint everyone and declare with full responsibility that Georgian Airways has not sold any tickets through MIR payment card so far.
Here we explain that "Georgian Airways" has an agreement with the Spanish company, registered in the EU (in particular, in Spain), which is an international system for selling air tickets. Through this company, many airlines sell passenger tickets, including ours. sells through US card systems Visa and Mastercard, as well as through MIR. This system is fully connected to the Bank of Georgia. Therefore, it is out of the question for us to purchase our tickets through MIR.
Georgian Airways and its management can have no influence over the Spanish company, which voluntarily accesses the MIR card system in its sales system.
As for Georgian Airways, the company is currently in dire financial straits and is in the process of bankruptcy / rehabilitation.
Georgian Airways.

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