10 March 2022
Following also the official announcement on Wednesday by the National Bank of Georgia that all commercial banks and card processing systems in Georgia are not in cooperation with the Russian payment system MIR,
we once again want to assure that none of our payments till today have gone through MIR since the airline has no agreement with this provider nor has it been ever implemented in the payment system. We allow payments only with VISA,
MasterCard and American Express through Bank of Georgia.
Our internet booking provider ( which is a Spanish company, has logos on its booking engine as default: Mastercard, Visa and MIR since most of their clients have used these providers (but as described above only VISA, MasterCard and Amex could have been used for our bookings). We switched to the websky internet booking engine on 15th Dec, 2021 and all payments since then have been going through BOG. All logos could be seen on our website because websky hasn't made new updates on its engine and this has been addressed from our side even before the change to this system. We want to inform you that this update has been completed now.
Additionally, we want to remind that Georgian Airways is not offering any direct flights between Russia and Georgia since July, 2019. We kindly ask not to believe any misleading and wrong information, and only trust information published on our website or facebook.

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