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About City

Status: Capital of Armenia
Population: 1,121,900 (2011)
Language: Armenian
Currency: Armenian Dram (AMD)
Time zone: +4 GMT
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 Yerevan is the capital of Armenia. The city is located in the north-east of the Ararat plain. It has a fairly rich history, but from its ancient part, practically nothing is left. The reason for this was numerous wars, regularly destroying everything in the district.

 In recent years, Yerevan has become much more attractive, which made it one of the most popular places among travelers. In particular, this city is interesting for those who like mountaineering, skiing and ecotourism. You can go to the long-awaited vacation in picturesque Yerevan with the airline "Georgian airways". To do this, you just need to book flights for a suitable date for you!


The nature of this city is diverse and original. The capital of Armenia is located on a plateau surrounded by mountains on three sides. In the city there is a river, called Hrazdan. Enjoy this unforgettable beauty you can by purchasing air tickets in our airline.

City sights

In Armenia, there are no more cities with the same number of different sights. Therefore, Yerevan deservedly is considered the cultural center of this state.

 Upon arrival in the Erevan, be sure to visit the architectural complex, called the Great Cascade. At first glance, the structure is somewhat like a pyramid. However, in reality, this is a huge ladder system, specially built to connect residential areas located in hard-to-reach places of mountains, with the center of the capital of Armenia.

 The cultural life of Yerevan and its main remarkable places are located in the center and Abakir. These areas are part of the Central District, which requires special attention. You should definitely take a walk on this part of Yerevan. Here you can enjoy the indescribable beauty of the Republic Square, endowed with a lot of singing fountains, the unusual construction of the Matenadaran, the House of chess players and many other iconic buildings.

Also worth a visit and the north-western district of Yerevan - Kanaker-Zeytun. This part of the city is very popular with tourists due to the Victory Park located here and the famous monument "Mother Armenia".
No less interesting places are the State Picture Gallery. Real connoisseurs of art will be able to acquire unique canvases of young talents of Armenia.
Fans of outdoor activities are encouraged to visit the entertainment center "Arena", as well as in the nightclub "Omega". You can book flights and visit all the sights of Yerevan using the services of our airline.


Armenia, like any other state, has its traditional dishes. Going to travel to Yerevan, you will come across a lot of restaurants and cafes. In local establishments you will be offered to try such dishes as:

• Hash - broth, which is cooked from several kinds of meat;
• putoc - soup on meat broth;
• barbecue;
• Tolma - a meat dish.

As for the establishments where you can eat the above mentioned delicacies and many other Armenian dishes, then be sure to visit the restaurant "Arkayadzor" or "Urartu". Not bad and inexpensive you can dine at the "Caucasus" and "Ararat Hol" tavern. The prices in cafes and restaurants of Yerevan of the middle category vary within 15 euros for dinner with a drink.


Yerevan is a hospitable city, which will meet its visitors with a large number of hotels and hotels. For example, if you want to stay in a budget hotel, then the best choice will be Aviatrans, Hrazdan, Hotel Park Avenue, where you can rent a room up to 2 thousand rubles. But for guests who prefer to rest in full comfort, the best solution will be a five-star hotel "Armenia", or a four-star hotel complex "Metropol".