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Status: Capital city of Austria
Population: 1,757,353 (2013)
Language: German
Currency: Euro (EUR)
Time zone: +2 GMT
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Vienna is considered the cultural center of Europe, which has concentrated in itself a lot of squares, ancient buildings and original places, surrounded by the unusual beauty of the Vienna Woods. The city managed to retain most of the features characteristic of the capitals of large states:

• luxurious residences of august persons and nobles;
• majestic temples;
• wide areas and avenues;
• Theaters;
• opera halls.

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City sights

The main notices of Vienna are located in the "old city", within the Ring - ring boulevards. Here you can visit the Place Stefanplatz and its famous St. Stephen's Cathedral, take a walk on the Graben Street, where you will enjoy the original architecture of the Plague Column. Also be sure to visit the Hör-Markt square, which is popular with the ruins of Roman buildings.
With special beauty this city is endowed during the Christmas holidays. During this period showcases and facades of shops, houses and restaurants are decorated with festive garlands that fascinate their play of light. Book air tickets and visit all the sights of the cultural center of Europe by using the services of our airline.

The famous places of Vienna, which must be visited, are:

1. The Hofburg Palace
2. St. Rupert's Church
3. Belvedere
4. The Sissi Museum
5. The Museum of Liechtenstein
6. Pratres Park

For animal lovers, there is a zoo in Vienna. By its size and diversity of inhabitants, it is considered the first in all of Europe.
It is also worth noting that in this city an interesting excursion will be even an ordinary visit to local cafes. In most of them previously arranged for gatherings various famous personalities. It is inexpensive to purchase air tickets to this unusual city in our airline.


Vienna cuisine is considered one of the best in the whole of Europe. The most popular dish that requires compulsory tasting is the Viennese Schnitzel. It is a huge chop. The presentation of this treat can be carried out with both salad and french fries.
As for meat dishes, you should definitely eat tafelspitz and bakhun. Another equally popular Viennese dish is the Kaisershmarren. These dishes and many other delicacies are served in such restaurants as "Hollmann Salon" and "Tenmaya". The average check in these institutions will be from 1300 rubles. up to 2300 rubles. You can try all these dishes personally by ordering air tickets in our company.


Visit this wonderful city is worth several times: in winter, when you can combine skiing holidays and visiting Christmas markets, as well as in the autumn, when the unusual architecture of buildings stands out against the background of the multicolored foliage of autumn trees.
In the capital of Austria in the tourist season, high prices for rental housing, and if you want to save, and not pushing with others, the best option is to visit Vienna off-season. During this period, you can rent accommodation at an affordable price, and enjoy the beauty of the city entirely.
At your disposal there will be hostels, camping grounds, various hotel complexes, and hostels. For those who like to rest with comfort the hotels Hilton Vienna Plaza, Meliá Vienna, Der Wilhelmshof will be the best option. The cost of living in them will vary from 70 € to 110 €.
If you want to stay in one of the hostels, then pay attention to such establishments as "Wien Hauptbahnhof" or "Holiday Hostel". Accommodation in them will cost from 12 € per day.

Entertainment and Shopping

For connoisseurs of cultural entertainment in Vienna, the doors of the opera are always open, as well as the opportunity to enjoy classical and jazz music.
If you like to spend time shopping, then Vienna will please you with various sales and big seasonal discounts. The most popular place to buy clothes and a lot of other things is Kolmartk street. There are various shops and designer boutiques here.
For those who prefer such unusual things it is worth to visit the Spittelberg street. Here you will find small markets, where a variety of man-made things are realized.