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About City

Status: Cultural capital of Russia
Population: 5 131 942 (2014)
Language: Russian
Currency: Russian rubles (RUB)
Local time: +3 GMT
Web check in: Yes

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Starting the end of march 2018 we will operate 6 days a week (exclude Thursday)

St. Petersburg

 St. Petersburg for two centuries was the official capital of the Russian Federation. But, despite the fact that Moscow took its place, it is still called the "cultural capital of Russia". This city will be an excellent holiday destination for tourists of any age category. Most of the buildings of St. Petersburg are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The Georgian Airways will help you to visit St. Petersburg. At us you can book air tickets for any time convenient for you.

Climate and nature

 St. Petersburg is characterized by a transitional climate from moderately-marine to moderately continental. A characteristic feature of this city is the frequent change of air masses, which occurs as a result of the active activity of cyclones. In summer, the average air temperature in these places reaches +19 ° С, and in winter -5,5 ° С.

 St. Petersburg has a large number of parks, which mainly consist of a natural forest. But there are also artificial plantations. Basically, such places were the territories where there was completely no vegetation. It is inexpensive to buy air tickets to the "cultural capital of Russia" in our airline. For regular customers, there is a flexible system of discounts!

City sights

The places of St. Petersburg can be listed endlessly. On the territory of this city you will find multiple palaces, estates and parks. The main attractions that should be sure to visit, while in St. Petersburg, are:

• Church of St. Catherine of Alexandria;
• Peter-Pavel's Fortress;
• Winter Palace;
• Peterhof;
• Saint Isaac's Cathedral;
• The Church of the Savior on Blood;
• The Museum of Defense and the Siege of Leningrad;
• Smolny Institute.

 St. Petersburg is rich in museums. However, special attention should be paid to the Hermitage. Here you can admire a large number of works of art (about 3 million copies).

 The oldest film studios Lenfilm and Lennauchfilm are located in the city. You can see all their beauty by ordering air tickets on our website.


Restaurants of the "cultural capital of Russia" will please travelers, both traditional dishes and treats of different countries of the world. For example, you will be offered Armenian cuisine in the restaurant "Amrots on Nevsky", Italian and European - in the restaurant "Felichita". The average check for dinner in St. Petersburg will be at least 1000 rubles.
As for traditional dishes, in this city you can taste:

1. Pyshki
2. Fried smelt
3. Beef Stroganoff
4. The Leningrad rassolnik
5. Skobelevsky cue balloons


 Thanks to the fact that tourism plays an important role in the economy of St. Petersburg, the system of accommodation for visitors is well established here. The city has about 250 hotel complexes, both large and small.
For example, accommodation in such three-star hotels as "Melange", "Nevsky Hotel Aster", "Adelia" range from 1200 rubles to 4200 rubles per night, and night in five-star hotels "Angleterre", "Grand Hotel Emerald" will cost at least 6500 rubles.

 For those who travel the company, the optimal solution will be renting an apartment. The cost of such living on average ranges from 1000 rubles to 7000 rubles per day. Check it out for yourself - book tickets to Peter today !.


St. Petersburg will be a wonderful place for those who love to organize their leisure time. There are more than 60 theaters in the city. Note the most popular:
• Mariinsky
• Mikhailovsky
• St. Petersburg Academic Comedy Theater. Akimova

 Also this city will be able to please and fans of outdoor activities. Here there are many night institutions. Especially popular with tourists is the night club "Metro".

Starting the end of march 2018 we will operate 6 days a week (exclude Thursday)