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About City

Status: Sea side sity
Population: 152 839 (2014)
Language: Georgian
Time zone: UTC +4
Web check in: Yes

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 Batumi is a city where you will be filled with unforgettable memories. The city is perfectly planned - all the streets of Batumi pass almost parallel to each other, as a result of which the city is divided into squares. Such a layout helps tourists to navigate faster in it. Now Batumi is Georgia's main seaside resort and offers a wide variety of leisure activities for travelers. To see this personally, you only need to book flights with our airline.

Climate and nature

 The best time to visit Batumi is the summer season and the beginning of autumn. In summer, the air temperature in these places is quite high, as a result of which there will be a feeling of stuffiness. The autumn period, as a rule, is accompanied by torrential rains, but tourists can also count on the sunny weather, which will prevail.

 A real wonder of Batumi is the botanical garden. It is located near the city in the village of Mtsvane-Kontshi. When the garden was built, the architecture of the ancient gardens of Semiramis was laid. As a result, the whole space is divided into separate tiers, which descend from the top of the hill to the coast of the sea. You can enjoy this unforgettable beauty by ordering air tickets to the company "Georgian airways".

City sights

 Batumi is an excellent example of how the past, the present and the future can uniquely merge. In the center of the city are buildings, with a modern, sometimes even futuristic design.
In Batumi there are many historical buildings. One of the most popular places among tourists is the Orta Jama Mosque. Also a large number of travelers are attracted by the church of St. Nicholas.

 It is worth visiting and nearby the ruins of the fortress Gonio, which belonged to the Roman Empire, after the fall, and passed to Byzantium. These places are shrouded in secrets and extraordinarily beautiful. A rich history, excellent nature, all this makes the rest in Batumi so popular both for the citizens of Georgia and for other countries.


In Batumi, local people will offer you to taste a lot of traditional dishes:

1. malahato and kaymagi;
2. khinkali, buglama;
3. khachapuri, gvdzeli, etc.

 The most popular traditional dish of Batumi is, of course, Adjara khachapuri, with egg-cheese filling. You can try them practically in any cafe and restaurant, we recommend it in the institution "Megruli Lazuli" or "Canape. As a rule, the price for Khachapuri according to Adjarski varies from 1.2 to 3 $. Visit Batumi and personally taste all of the above dishes will help our airline. Book flights for a convenient time for you and enjoy a truly real holiday.


 For those who like to travel, Batumi will offer a wide range of accommodation ranging from small economy-class hotels "Villa Kapreshumi", "Orbi Plaza", "Batumi White Wave Apart" to the full five-star hotel complexes "Sheraton Batumi", Radisson Blu Hotel Batumi ". On average, the rental of housing per day for 1 adult starts at $ 35.

 In Batumi there are also hostels, so that economical travelers, which the Traveler can stay in one of the seven hostels. The most popular are "RockFirst Line", "Lazika Hostel", "Hostel Everyday". The price of housing for one person per day will vary from $ 13 to $ 25. If you want, you can rent a room or a house from private persons. To buy tickets to Batumi by prior arrangement, you can visit our website.


The favorite destination for travelers who booked air tickets to Batumi is, of course, the beach. The bathing season in these places lasts from May to October. Beaches in Batumi are strewn with pebbles, so it is necessary to go in and out of the water with extreme caution.

 Developed infrastructure of tourists will enjoy the city beach of Batumi Beach. Here you can have a good time with yourself and with your family. Despite the fact that the main beach of Batumi is a crowded place, its territory is kept in a constant clean, equipped with special cabins for changing clothes and a shower.

 For those who like to travel in autumn or winter, there is an Aquapark in Batumi that will offer its visitors 5 pools, a variety of slides, spa treatments and Turkish massage. Buy air tickets and go on an unforgettable journey through Batumi with the Georgian Airways.