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Status: Greece capital
Population: 3 753 783 (2011)
Language: Greece 
Currency: EURO
Time zone: +3 GMT зимой: +2GMT
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Athens Greece


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Please note that the flight start date is March 26, 2018.

Athens is located on the central plain of Attica, the so-called basin, which is surrounded by Mount Egaleo from the west, by Mount Parnis from the north, by Mount Pendelikon from the northeast and Mount Imitos from the east and by the Saronic Gulf from the southwest

From mythology it is known that the name of the goddess of wisdom - Athens - the city received after the dispute Athens with the lord of the seas Poseidon. The first legendary king of Athens, Cecrop, who was half human, half snake, had to decide who would be the patron saint of the city. Two gods - Athena and Poseidon - were supposed to make a gift to Cecrop, and the one who made the best gift became the patron of the city.

Then, before Cecrop, he first struck his Poseidon with his trident, and immediately a source sprang from the ground. Greece - the country is hot, mountainous, water is needed, but it turned out to be sea, salty. After the impact of Athens from the ground grew a small olive tree. Cecrop was impressed with the gift of Athena and chose her as the patron of the city. Thus Athens took the name of the great goddess. But since Cecrop did not choose Poseidon, in Athens, water became scarce. This shortage is felt to this day.

Modern Athens is a metropolis with ancient monuments, world-famous "night life" and shopping centers of the highest level.

The climate of Athens is subtropical, due to the influence of the Mediterranean Sea, autumn is very long, and spring comes a little later.

Among the sights of the Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome:

Athens Acropolis
Tower of the Winds
Theater of Dionysus
Odeon of Herodes Atticus
The Athenian Agora
Temple of Olympian Zeus
Standing Attala
Hadrian's Library
Temple of Hephaestus
Panathinaikos Stadium

The National History Museum of Greece and the statue of Theodoros Kolokotronis. In Athens there are unique monuments of national fine arts.

Travel to Athens with Georgian Airways - our direct flights from Tbilisi will be performed starting from March 26, 2018.