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About City

Status: Capital city of the Netherlands
Population: 801,200 (2013)
Language: Dutch
Currency: Euro (EUR)
Time zone: +2 GMT
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Amsterdam - one of the most popular places among lovers of fascinating travel. Buy air tickets to this wonderful city on our website. This place most of all attracts tourists with its ancient and unusual architecture, as well as an original atmosphere of rest. Also Amsterdam is an excellent place for a city break (2-3 days), which allows you to quickly and conveniently choose the best combination of "hotel + flight" and book suitable options.

City sights

Almost any ancient structure of Amsterdam is a historical value. An excellent example is the popular "Tower of Tears." It was from this building that in ancient times local sailors set sail. Book air tickets and visit this landmark can be using the services of our airline.
Amsterdam is the heart of Holland, which has a huge number of ancient religious buildings. It is inexpensive to purchase air tickets to this unusual city in our airline. Especially popular among tourists are:

1. Southern Church.
2. The Vincent Van Gogh Museum.
3. Vondelpark.
4. The central square Dam - is the main historical value of the city.

However, all of the above places are only a small part of what tourists can visit in such a beautiful city as Amsterdam. Its separate value is the Jewish district, which is rich in synagogues, and the Red Light District, where travelers will see not only unusual buildings, but also many coffee shops, shops, etc. If you want to book tickets and go on a trip to Amsterdam, then be sure to use the services of the company "Georgian airways", which flies to this city also from Tbilisi.


One of the most widely used dishes of Amsterdam is herring. For local residents, it is a fast food, served with a bow and pickled cucumber. Also in this city, tourists are offered to try the French fry dish.
As for the national dishes of Amsterdam, the main is "hutspot" - stewed slices of beef. The presentation of this delicacy is carried out together with vegetable puree. Another traditional dish of Amsterdam - "Gyutzpot". It is a ragout from the meat of various animals. Served with boiled potatoes. To try all these dishes personally, you can order air tickets in our company and go on a trip to the capital of the Netherlands.


In the center of Amsterdam, tourists will find many hotels and hotels. But, despite their large number of people to settle in the desired number will not be so easy. This is primarily due to the large influx of visitors. To avoid this, it is better to book in advance. On average, the price even in some 4-star hotels reaches 100 euros per day. Tourists prefer to stop at hotels like Amsterdam ID Aparthotel, Tulipana Residence, Motel One Amsterdam, Hilton Amsterdam, Luxury Suites Amsterdam.

Entertainment and Shopping

The real life in Amsterdam begins only with the arrival of the night. At this time of day, tourists can visit various clubs and cafe-bars, where visitors will enjoy a variety of entertainment programs and parties. To do this, you just need to buy air tickets through our website.
Particular attention deserves book and antique shops. One of the most favorite streets of travelers are Leidsestraat. Also worth visiting is the shopping complexes Magna Plaza and Kalvertoren. If we talk about open markets, then for those who like to bargain, Albert Cuyp will be a great place. To visit all these unforgettable places, book flights with our airline and enjoy all the beauty and originality of Amsterdam.